If you received a traffic ticket that stemmed from a traffic accident, we understand that you may be experiencing stress and anxiety. In some cases, our client’s do not feel they were at fault. In others, they do not feel that the police officer fairly listened to their side of the story. Our highly-experienced Pinellas Traffic Ticket Defense team has helped hundreds of clients who have received traffic tickets as a result of an accident.

The Traffic Court does not have the Authority to Award Damages for Injuries

Many clients are under the mistaken impression that a traffic violation may result in the assessment of “restitution” to the alleged victim of the crash. That is simply not true. If the other motorist is alleging damages, he or she would need to bring a separate action in civil court. Thus, just because you received a traffic citation does not necessarily mean that you will be found responsible for the other motorist’s injuries. That said, a finding of “Not Guilty” in traffic court does not immunize a client from potential civil liability. During your discussion with our top-rated Pinellas Ticket Defense lawyers, we will guide you through the process and offer advice on the following issues:

  • What to say and what not to say if you are contacted by the other motorist’s insurance company;
  • The potential ramifications of your traffic ticket on a civil lawsuit for injuries; and
  • How to resolve your case in a manner that minimizes your exposure in civil court.

Potential Penalties for Moving Violations Involving Accidents

The traffic court judges in Pinellas County have broad discretion in imposing penalties for a moving violation involving an accident. Common penalties involve the imposition of points, fines, and traffic schools. Of course, the severity of the penalties imposed will be governed by any mitigating or aggravating factors including:

  • Prior traffic record;
  • Injuries;
  • Property damage;
  • Attitude and demeanor with law enforcement;
  • Whether alcohol was involved; and
  • The speed that our client was driving prior to the accident.

In some cases, the Court must impose a traffic school. Circumstances that involve this penalty include those cases where a subject is convicted of a crash that results in injuries, and those cases where a subject has been convicted of moving violations that resulted in property damage in excess of $500 over a two-year period. Lastly, a subject who is convicted of moving violations involving 3 crashes in a 3-year period of time, the Court must impose a driving school that consists of “behind the wheel” training.

License Suspension as a Result of a Traffic Crash

Generally speaking, a subject will not receive a driver’s license suspension for a crash that was an isolated incident. That said, the accumulation of a large number of points in a short period of time will have the collateral effect of a driver’s license suspension. Moreover, in cases involving serious injury, death, or multiple crashes, the DHSMV will also impose a suspension. In that regard, please consider the following:

  • A conviction for a moving violation that resulted in serious bodily injury will result in a 3-month driver’s license suspension; and
  • A conviction for a moving violation that result in death will result in a 1-year driver’s license suspension.

Hiring an Experienced Pinellas Ticket Defense Attorney May Avoid Harsh Penalties

If you have been charged with a moving violation that stemmed from a crash, “going it alone” and not hiring an experienced ticket defense lawyer may result in harsh punishments. Our Pinellas Ticket Defense team is familiar with both judges that preside over the Pinellas traffic courts. Our team will analyze:

  • Whether an infraction hearing may result in a finding of “Not Guilty” to avoid any punishments;
  • Whether a “plea bargain” may be in your best interests in an effort to avoid a formal conviction and the imposition of points; and
  • Whether mitigating factors may be presented to the judge to minimize the consequences in your case.

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